August 8th, 2011

Man vs Food

Man vs FoodWhile on holidays I found show called Man vs. Food.  I can remember seeing an ad for it and thinking what kind of an idiot would try to eat anything like that big, but then I watched it.  I think the reason I have now become a bit of a fan is the way host Adam Richman still has such a love for food after everything he’s done. 

Even still I keep thinking how bad those BIG eating challenges are, but my favourite episodes are when Adam attempts eat the things that are seriously spicy.  Just to see the pain of the food and the tears running down his face is awesome.  I love it!!  What does that mean?

Anyway, I’ve managed to get my hands on the first season now and I find myself laughing right out loud at pretty much every episode mainly due to Adams comments about everything.  So great.